Dec 01, 2019

Roundup is Poison & Why You Need to Stop Consuming it.

​A healthy, functioning civilization can only be built upon a healthy, functioning food system. In America today there is no doubt that our food strategy is not meeting the fundamental requirements of a proper food system for sustaining life. In other words, rather than nourishing the people and making them healthy, our food system is making everyone terribly, terribly sick. Instead of a regenerative agricultural system than tends the land of the earth with care so that it supports pollinators and fertile soil and clean water systems and thrives and replenishes year after year and generation after generation, our agricultural system is destroying is killing the planet on a massive scale.

​We are feeding our own demise with this malnourishing, toxic food system and our civilization is in decline because of it.

​Monsanto with their engineered crops and the extreme use of their herbicide Roundup is a major culprit in the demise of our health and the decline in our ecosystems, food system and the health and wellbeing of the people.

Americans swear fealty to their beloved processed food brands and seem to be willing to fight to their literal death in support of the companies that provide them with their fix of scientifically engineered to be addictive foods. People cling to their brands despite what we know about their toxicity and serious harm caused to humans and ecosystems. That harm is overwhelmingly proved by clinical experience, public health outcomes and the massive weight of the evidence.

Here's a brief summary of current issues in the Roundup-Monsanto-Glyphosate catastrophe. We have known for decades that this horrible herbicide is toxic, that the agricultural system it promotes is destructive to life on planet earth and that Monsanto has been working against the public interest for many decades.

Finally, America seems to be waking up to the dangers and seeking healthy alternatives. Don't let your love of a certain brand destroy your health any longer. If you need convincing read on - and click the links for more information and discussion.

Most Widely Used Herbicide in the World

According to Scientific American, "Glyphosate, Roundup’s active ingredient, is the most widely used herbicide in the United States. About 100 million pounds are applied to U.S. farms and lawns every year, according to the EPA."

​"Until now, most health studies have focused on the safety of glyphosate, rather than the mixture of ingredients found in Roundup. But in the new study, scientists found that Roundup’s inert ingredients amplified the toxic effect on human cells—even at concentrations much more diluted than those used on farms and lawns.

​One specific inert ingredient, polyethoxylated tallowamine, or POEA, was more deadly to human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells than the herbicide itself – a finding the researchers call “astonishing.”

“This clearly confirms that the [inert ingredients] in Roundup formulations are not inert,” wrote the study authors from France’s University of Caen. “Moreover, the proprietary mixtures available on the market could cause cell damage and even death [at the] residual levels” found on Roundup-treated crops, such as soybeans, alfalfa and corn, or lawns and gardens."


Linked to Common Diseases

​"Most of the glyphosate restrictions or bans throughout the world were introduced following the 2015 IARC report on glyphosate. The IARC report concluded that glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen.”

According to the report, the cancers most associated with glyphosate exposure were found to be non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other hematopoietic cancers. The report further concluded that glyphosate exposure caused DNA and chromosomal damage in human cells, as well as genotoxic, hormonal and enzymatic effects in mammals.

Other glyphosate studies have linked the chemical to a number of health issues, including, but not limited to ADHD, Alzheimer’s Disease, Autism, Birth Defects, various forms of cancer, Celiac Disease, Colitis, Heart Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease."

Linked to Autism

"...More and more research is pointing to the possible connection between autism risk, and exposure to the herbicide glyphosate,the active ingredient in the common weed killer Roundup."

Dangerous Glyphosate Levels Detected in Popular processed Food Brands


Stop Eating These Products

"The highest levels, greater than 1,000 ppb, were detected in two samples of Quaker Old Fashioned Oats. Three samples of Cheerios had glyphosate levels ranging from 470 ppb to 530 ppb. Twelve of the food samples had levels of glyphosate lower than EWG’s health benchmark, ranging from 10 ppb to 120 ppb. Only two samples had no detectable glyphosate."

Monsanto Ordered to Pay $289 Million

in Landmark Lawsuit

Verdict: Roundup Causes Cancer

"A California jury on Friday found Monsanto liable in a lawsuit filed by a school groundskeeper who said the company’s weedkillers, including Roundup, caused his cancer. The company was ordered pay $289 million in damages.

The case of the groundskeeper, Dewayne Johnson, 46, was the first lawsuit to go to trial alleging that Roundup and other glyphosate-based weedkillers cause cancer. Monsanto, a unit of the German conglomerate Bayer following a $62.5 billion acquisition, faces more than 5,000 similar lawsuits across the United States...

... Brent Wisner, a lawyer for Mr. Johnson, said in a statement that jurors had seen for the first time internal company documents “proving that Monsanto has known for decades that glyphosate and specifically Roundup could cause cancer.” He called on Monsanto to “put consumer safety first over profits.”

"This was the first court case of its kind, the first time an individual has successfully won a lawsuit against the mega-corporation Monsanto, and it will now stand as precedent for some 4,000 similar cases brought against Monsanto by those who have cancer or other illnesses believed to be linked to glyphosate exposure."

The World Is Banning Glyphosate (Roundup)

And So Are US Cities

  • ​Argentina: Over 30,000 health care professionals advocated for a glyphosate ban following the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) report on glyphosate, which concluded the chemical is probably carcinogenic to humans. More than 400 towns and cities in Argentina have passed measures restricting glyphosate use.
  • Australia: Numerous municipalities and school districts throughout the country are currently testing alternative herbicides in an effort to curtail or eliminate glyphosate use. Many use steam technology for weed control on streets and in other public areas.
  • Belgium: Banned the individual use of glyphosate. In 2017, Belgium voted against relicensing glyphosate in the EU. The country was also one of six EU member states to sign a letter to the EU Commission calling for “an exit plan for glyphosate…” The city of Brussels banned the use of glyphosate within its territory as part of its “zero pesticides” policy.
  • Bermuda: Outlawed private and commercial sale of all glyphosate-based herbicides. In 2017, the government relaxed its ban on glyphosate, allowing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to import restricted concentrations of glyphosate for managing roadside weed overgrowth.
  • Brazil: In August of 2018, a federal judge in Brasilia ruled that new products containing glyphosate could not be registered in the country. Existing regulations concerning glyphosate were also suspended, pending a government reevaluation of toxicological data. The ruling is significant, as glyphosate-based herbicides like Roundup are widely used in Brazil for GMO soy and other crops. Brazil is the largest exporter of soybeans in the world.
  • Canada: Eight out of the 10 provinces in Canada have some form of restriction on the use of non-essential cosmetic pesticides, including glyphosate. Vancouver has banned public and private use of glyphosate, aside from the treatment of invasive weeds.

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